Technical support for engineering polymer extrusion

SCIPROD will be the link between three unmerged world : Science, Experience and Machine.

We see that as an opportunity: We’re excited to simplify engineering polymer processing for everyone through our support, education, and development.​ 


SCIPROD helps companies engage their teams in a continuous improvement of the manufacturing engineering polymer process, technical and economic performance.

Lost of knowledge, productivity decrease, increase in production, SCIPROD is the company.


  • engineering polymer extrusion discovery for beginners,
  • engineering polymer extrusion technics for experienced people,
  • engineering polymer extrusion for method, sales and marketing teams,
  • engineering polymer safe use,

Technical assistance

  • new product launch,
  • process analysis and improvment,
  • productivity improvment,
  • scrap rate reduction,
  • fast production change,

Support for machine investment

  • analysis of needs,
  • investment project management,
  • specifications writing,
  • supliers selection,
  • validation and acceptance tests,

About us

SCIPROD is a french consulting firm specializing in improving polymer extrusion plant efficiency, as well as for tube, cable and fiber production. We develop new learning and analysis methods that deliver fast ROI for our client and high quality for our client’s customer.

SCIPROD’ services are available all around the world for small or multinational companies.


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